Always on Camino

My close friends and family will attest to this: I’m living on the Camino already. I wouldn’t call it an obsession. It’s just that when you set your heart on pilgrimage there’s no turning back till you’ve accomplished that goal.

During the past week I’ve been up around Kingley Vale a couple more times. Yesterday started with very dramatic stormy clouds and my car registered 3 degrees Celsius when I set off. I had a few errands to run in Chichester and luckily it started to clear. On this next photo you can see the clouds withdrawing in the background, leaving a gorgeous afternoon to enjoy.

I persuaded my son to go walking with me and this was the view from the top of Kingley Vale towards Chichester yesterday afternoon. Of course, with his 16 year old lanky legs he bounded like a gazelle up and down past me, but I was wearing the 10 kg backpack. Nevermind, there is no hurry.

I’m into the final stages of sorting out my equipment, taking a look at each item to decide whether I can do without it or take a lighter alternative. Unfortunately the 1.3 kg CPAP machine has to come along.

Last night the Camino Forum badge went on the pack. Another reminder that it’s just a month before I fly.