Pamplona to Zariquiegui – 28 April 2014

On Monday morning in Pamplona there was such a contrast. The night before then whole city appeared to be out in the streets enjoying themselves, but the next morning it was very quiet as we headed out into the centre of town. The shops only opened at 10:00 so we had time to kill. It was time for coffee and looking at those sore feet again. I wouldn’t normally take off my shoes in a café on the street but once you are on the Camino you seem to be in a parallel universe and feet seems to be one of the major points of conversation.

Finally the Orange phone shop opened and we were able to get our SIM cards. That took almost an hour, and after that we had to visit a big department store for on of us to replace some gear.

Finally we left the city, I think about noon. There wasn’t time for a long walk, so we stopped for lunch in Cizur Menor. It was warm, but we found some benches under a tree, whilst the locals were getting on with the job of the day, e.g. mowing the lawn.


Then it was time to walk again and the countryside was beautiful, with thunderstorms threatening, but the showers never really got to us.






Our Albergue was nice enough and we shared a nice meal together but THE WATER WAS COLD.