Three days to go

“I’m crossing the Pyrenees next week”, I said. “You’ll need a good pair of knees for that”, remarked John dryly. We were sitting in our local “watering hole”, enjoying a last pint of real ale with some friends. From now on it’ll be “Una cerveza por favor”. Finished work on Thursday, spending a last few days with family and friends. Time to take it easy, take more leisurely walks, tweak a few last minute items, but I’m basically ready.

Some socks came in the post yesterday but they didn’t fit. I had to go to Southampton to replace my insoles, and was very lucky to get just the socks I needed. I put on my boots and went to my old training ground for a stroll up and down the hill, without the heavy backpack. It was a joy to feel my feet relax with the new combination. They are ready for action.

It is Easter weekend, and the West Stoke car park was overflowing. I had to park about 500 metres further down the road. The bluebells are at their peak, so if you live around here you have to get out and see them this weekend.

This morning is Easter Sunday. I’m having a pilgrim blessing at my church. It’s important to feel connected when I’m away for 6 weeks, to know that some people are sharing in the experience on some level.

And I need some prayer for the “pair-o-knees”.



3 thoughts on “Three days to go

  1. Thank you so much for this lovely post. I too have seen these very same bluebells, your photos certainly top mine, beautiful. See you in church for the pilgrims blessing! Lizzie


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